The 2nd batch of Airdrop has ended!
Age of Dragons, the first large-scale open game world based on blockchain technology is due for release very soon. The game has a very interesting dragon breeding system, an abundant collection of content, exciting battle modes, potential for huge national wars and endless opportunity for adventure. NGT (NEO Genesis Token) is ERC20 token used by the game,Players can use NGT to trade asset, task payment and consumption, etc. 1NGT= 0.000005 ETH The first and second batch of airdrop are all ended. All airdrops NGT will be issued 3 days before the exchange.

Please submit your Ether wallet address below to check how many NGT you will receive.

Vision and Objective of GameGene
The power of decentralization of blockchain, combined with smart contracts mechanism will generate tremendous impetus to enable dramatic improvements in allocation and efficiency of social resources in the near future. In this booming wave, based on the huge potential that blockchain can bring to game creation, it's possible to create completely different games than ever before. A true gaming world community that gives users a whole new experience. This is the happiness and mission of game designers. The vision of GameGene Foundation is to create a new generation of blockchain based game platforms, through the strength and knowledge of our team. With over 55 years combined experience in the development and operation of high-quality original game products, a global network of partners, deep understanding of blockchain philosophy and an accumulation of game developing skills. Our goal is to change the profit-driven game design mechanism, to provide innovative and revolutionary experiences that traditional game design just cannot achieve, we will bring back the basic value of game play - having fun! Age of Dragons will be our first blockchain game to launch, with a large-scale theme game world. It’s an unprecedented, self-developed, only experienced, non-repetitive and never-ending game world. Our goal is to become the first million-user-level blockchain game product to be the ecological foundation of the GameGene blockchain gaming platform.
Age of Dragons:How it play

Age of Dragons,a brand-new free and open world, integrated game elements of collection, breeding, battle, adventure, strategy, and socialization, to bring a totally new different gaming experience. The game assets acquired by the players in the game can be traded in the real world to realize its true value.

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The Core Team

Paul Pu


More than 17 years experience top game producer. Developed a number of well-known games, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Order&Chaos Online, League of Tanks. He has a wealth of game design and management experience, as the core producer of a number of well-known game masterpiece.

Paul Pu

Bill Zhang

Chief Technical Expert

Automation Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, senior technology and engine development experts, more than 12 years of research and development experience, with deep expertise, rich experience in the development, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Bill Zhang

Jason Zhu

Chief Server Specialist

Has more than 15 years of deep technical skill accumulation. Exert on server architecture, network framework and big data. Has made remarkable achievements in distributed server architecture, automated deployment and maintenance, server security. He also made a deep research on virtual machine and container technology, big data processing, blockchain.

Jason Zhu

Cathy Liu

Chief Art Designer

12 years of art design experience, especially good at 3D world to creation. Has developed a number of successful game product. What her made on art design can made the 3D world to live which exactly the game designer could Imagine when working together.

Cathy Liu

Dragon Zhang

cryptology and hash Expert

Expert in cryptology and hash technology, with over 10 years of encryption and decryption algorithm experience. Dragon graduated from University of Science & Technology Beijing, and has intense interest in math and profound understanding of cryptology and hash technology, accumulated from over 10 years of encryption and decryption algorithm experience.

Dragon Zhang

Peter Kang

Technical expert

Technical expert, with over 10 years of n server-side and client-side development experience. With over 10 years of experience, Peter is a technical expert in kernel programming, tools development and server-side development. He has participated in numerous large projects 10 as server-side lead developer

Peter Kang

Jill Xiao

big data and network Expert

Expert in big data and network technology, with over 12 years of server and database development experience. Jill graduated from Beihang University with bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology and master degree in Big Data. He has over 12 years of system architecture design, server development, database application and network programming experience.

Jill Xiao
Successful Games Ever Developed
League of Tanks

League of Tanks is an innovative 3D tank shooting game developed under a 3A-level production standards

  • Have more than 15M registered players
  • With a large selection of High-Tech tanks
  • Exciting battle in 5V5 PVP arena
  • Featured by Apple many time in Appstore
  • Published by Nexon in Korean on Kakao
  • Published by iDreamSky in China
Fish Party

Fish Party is a real time online PVP and PVE game take cute fish as the main character.

  • Attract a lot of female users, 70% in the game.
  • Already live for 6 year, still a lot of player remaining.
  • Have more than 30m registered players in China.
  • Can cFeatured by Apple many time in Appstore
  • Can choose from several hundreds of cute and beautiful fish.
  • Can start the PVP competition and PVE cooperation.
  • With very beautiful designed ocean underwater Scenes.
Order& Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online is and wonderful 3D MMORPG

  • the world first 3D MMORPG with no map loading on mobile.
  • can customize up to six playable characters by their race, gender, appearance, and class.
  • over 1,500 quests.
  • with a large designed scene of jungles, forests, and ruins.
Investors & Consultants
Cao Wei
Executive Director of Top VC Ventures; 36Kr 2017 Annual Award “36 under 36”. The most popular elite investor of China Renaissance 2017 Annual Award. Most Active VC investor EtherCap 2017 Annual Award.
Cao Wei
Shen Bo
The founder of FENBUSHI VENTURE CAPITAL; “FENBUSHI VENTURE CAPITAL” is the largest blockchain investment fund in China. It was established in October 2015. It has gotten an investment of 50 million US dollars from Wanxiang Holdings; currently, it has invested in 40 companies globally.He is one of the co-founders of Invictus Innovations Incorporated, and of the founding team of BitShares project. He is also a senior veteran in traditional finance, with more than 12 years of experience in securities, hedge funds and investment banking.
Shen Bo
He Jia
Former Chairman Secretary of OURPLAM ; Founder of Nanshan Capital. senior director of investment and strategic planning of Tencent. He has served as the Secretary of the Board, Group Director and vice president of investment in Ourplam. M&A and investment cases include: Pioneer Network, Wanxie Technology, Tianma Game, Unity, H&R Century Pictures, Bilibili and so on.
He Jia
Leo Wang
Famous Angel Investors, Blockchain Technology Evangelists, Investment Projects: NEO, PAI, SMT, APPC, GTO, ZPT, POC, ICC, ACAT, DDD, BAI, ONT, TSL, ETP, Primas etc.
Leo Wang
Ramble Lan
Chairman of the North American Blockchain Association (NABA)
Chairman of Swftcoin Foundation
Ramble Lan
Wang Dou
Dou Wang,Founder of JIC capital. Blockchain Robot inventor.  Community operations expert.
Wang Dou
Founded in 2015, Fenbushi Capital is the first China-based venture capital firm that exclusively invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. Our mission is to accelerate the inevitable future of Blockchain economy by supporting as many companies as possible.
We strongly believe Blockchain technology will play an important role bringing much more transparency, efficiency, and robustness into the global economy. With our experienced partners in both traditional finance and the blockchain technology and many startup companies, we hope to bring this vision into fruition.
Based in Silicon Valley, JIC Capital focuses on discovering and investing in the world's most advanced technology, the most valuable blockchain and digital currency assets. The main businesses include equity investment, digital currency issuance, and hedging arbitrage, currency management.
The investment covers various aspects of the blockchain industry. In 2017, nearly 100 digital currency projects were invested. The main investment currency is the basic chain: EOS, ARDR, QTUM, NEO, AION. Finance: FSN, OMG, PAY, CIC. Exchange: SWFTC, QASH, KNC. Storage: SC, GNX. Software: RED. Internet of Things: ITC, VEN, RCT, INT, RUFF. Advertising: BAT, PRA. Big data: MDT. Copyright: PST, INK. Security: CVC, XVG. Community: TNB, MAG. Game: WAX. The investment project has created more than generous returns.
Nodal Capital is a venture capital firm focused on the blockchain industry and is one of the earliest professional investment institutions in the world to distribute blockchain industry ecology. Nodal Capital aims to connect the nodes in the blockchain industry ecology through project investment and cooperation, integrate industry resources, build an industrial ecosystem and promote the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry.
Market Scale and Opportunity

Blockchain based games will be a disruptive revolution in the original game market.

The global game market in 2017 is close to $ 110 billion, but the size of the market is based solely on selling games and recharging revenues by the game publishers.

Based on the privacy and value-added nature of game assets, the game industry's ecology can evolve into an infinite game. Game developers, developers and players, players and players are a win-win situation, which making the game market value can not be calculated from the view of past, but to re-evaluate it fromthe view of Value Internet.

GameGene Foundation Main Function
  • Support teams developing blockchain games and applications
  • Support and invest in other teams to join the development platform to promote ecological development
  • Openly manage its resources with partners in other ecosystems
  • Support and advance technology development related to GameGene's blockchain network
  • Deal with all matters related to ecosystem members

The mission of the GameGene Foundation is to develop an open ecosystem of Internet services that allows world participants to easily explore and discover value while also providing developers with an open and sustainable platform to develop, deliver and enhance these services Attract users. To accomplish its mission, the GameGene Foundation will devote resources to three specific goals related to research, development and management.

Our Advantages

Ultra-strong original production capability

We possess the ability of creating original game with globalized perspective; all the games developed over the years are innovative original games and have been widely praised. We have developed the Rainbow Six series, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, etc. Order & Chaos Online, the first mobile MMORPG game, "Big fish Swallowing Little Fish" and "League of Tanks" all released in many countries with over 50 million global users

Vivid expressive ability of 3D world

By right of a deep accumulation of 3D development, we're capable of creating a lifelike and immersive 3D game world with powerful technology realization force and artistic creativity

3D engine development capability

The team masters the 3D engine development capability; based on an open source engine, our team optimize the engine in all-round way from various resources management, display optimization and new module supplement to the development of various special shader materials, cross-platform support and other aspects; and the self-developed engine is fully mature and commercialized

Multi-platform development capability

With abundant production experience, the team can develop both PC/mobile games and various console games. It has successfully developed games on NDS, Wii, PS3, Xbox and other platforms.

Technical breakthrough capability

The core team worked together over ten years, which takes on excellent technical breakthrough capacity against various difficulties encountered in the process of research and development, so that the better design objective of designers and art can be achieved.

Server technical capability

The team has independently developed and grasped the advanced server architecture and operation technology in industry. The strong characteristics such as million level DAU supported,live update without pausing service, compatible coexistence and operation of old and new servers, long-term automatic operation of game server (self-governance operation, automatic warning, long-term and reliable automatic operation, and easy to maintain) have been exactly realized.

Milestone Stages Version Release
June 2018 World Begins Online beta version
July 2018 World Begins Official launch
October 2018 Civilization Release beta version
November 2018 Civilization Official launch
December 2018 Civilization Open the ecosystem and invite some developers to participate in content development test.
February, 2019 Civilization Fully release developers' content development.
April 2019 War and Peace Release online beta version
June 2019 War and Peace Release the official version
September 2019 Creation Release the test, open up the ecosystem, and invite developers to participate in content development test.
December 2019 Dragon Creation Officially launched; Official model theme released; platform launched, fully open content development platform to developers.
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